Rain Care for Real Estate

Pre monsoon care for your Real Estate Properties

Monsoon season has been arrived. Every building or home owner or resident should care its property before rain.
Here we have listed some points to care your Office, Home or Building during Rainy Season. As an Real Estate Agent in Gandhinagar We recommend some safety tips for our customers.

  1. Crack Examination
    Check you Real Estae Property either it is home or office. Also, get the cracks and damaged tiles repaired to avoid seepage.
  2. Leakages Issues
    You have to examine the roof and terrace and check if there is any leakage or crack. If you see any crack or leackage, act immediately and apply a waterproof coating on it. Also make sure for smooth drainage of rainwater from the roof, clean the rainwater pipes every once in a while. Change the pipes if required.
  3. Paint to prepare
    The external paint of your house is also important. The walls of your house need to be painted in the right manner. Also, choosing the right paint plays a crucial role preventing Monsoon Effects. External paint not only prevents the rainwater from seeping through the walls but also protects the wall from extreme downpours. It’s advisable to use a waterproof paint along with water sealant to add a protective layer on concrete walls.
  4. Check Doors and windows
    To avoid rusting and prevent rainwater from seeping through metal-framed doors and windows, you should repaint them with good quality paint. Also, wooden doors and windows swell up during the raining season if they are not fixed properly.
  5. Check Electric connections
    It is very important to check Electric Connections before monsoon. An electrician is your reliable companion to get your home monsoon-ready. Call an electrician to get all electrical connections checked. Also, get the external electronic switches checked to see if they are exposed to rain. Cover those connections and switches to avoid the chances of electric shock or short-circuit. Also, repair all damaged electrical cords to ensure a safer environment at home during monsoon.
  6. Proper Ventilators
    Install ventilation to ensure a humidity-free healthy environment at home. Ventilators help in curbing dampness in high humid areas of your house or office.
  7. Insect prevention
    During monsson, insects can make monsoon unpleasant and itchy. Termites and ants can damage your furniture and other expensive wooden furniture. You can adhere to natural ways to get rid of them or call a professional for help.
  8. Special Furniture care
    Furniture, wooden doors and windows, cupboards, drawers, and other wood finishes can get musty or damaged due to fungus or termite infest. Use camphor balls, neem leaves, or cloves to protect clothes and other valuable items from dampness. Make sure to keep your house clean throughout the wet season.
  9. Clean the Drainage System
    Get the drainages cleaned in regular intervals to avoid any blocks or overflows.
  10. Parking and Vehicle Entrance
    During monsoon you should care of Vehicle Entrace Road and Parking Area. They should be filled with Hard Materials to avoid any trouble for your vehicle.