Do Fall of Rs will attract NRI Investors?

Hrudhyam Kudasan Outer View

The Weakening of Rupee & the Rise of NRIs: Despite the slowdown, NRIs will continue to deepen their foothold in the commercial Indian real estate. In the past 12 months, the value of rupee has depreciated by more than 10%. Although this is not a very welcome sign for the economy, which is already marred with a widening of fiscal deficit – this will be a shot in the arm for NRI buyers. Amidst global contingencies, many NRIs are looking for safer & smarter investment options. Commercial real estate with recurring rental income & smarter mid-term appreciation potential will fit into the requirements of the expatriate class. Affluent NRIs will even look out for portfolio investments. With a short term, horizon Gold is expected to perform and will be trending in a smaller format while mid-to-long term time horizon without having much debate the trend is and will be real estate on ready to move and with location and developer profiling it will be linked to under construction investments/end-use

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