Impact of Lock Down and Covid19 Pandemic on Real Estate Sector

As entire world has been impacted by Covid 19 Pandemic, every industry has been affected. Every segment has impact of Lock Down. As Aspire Realities are focusing of impact on real-estate sector, we have point out some points.

There will be some Long Term Positive and Some Short Term Negative Impact of this Corona Pandemic. First of all we will discuss Positive Impact.

Life style of Mankind and Business will be changed. Social Distancing will be an essential part of life. As offices have to maintain Social Distancing and have to reduce gathering of Staff.
There is probability of more Office Demand as Industries and corporate may divide their Department in Separate office or they will maintain specific distances in seating. This may lead to increase in demand if Commercial Properties.
Some industries those are working in Co-Working Environment will think over for their own office where they can work with their own small staff.
As Work from Home culture will be adaptable in IT and other similar industries; which can lead to increase the demand of Residential Properties. People working from home will need some extra silent space without any disturbance.
To avoid more travelling, decentralize the work and other issues, many companies may decide to open more offices in various cities that may increase demand in Commercial Properties.
As Mall Culture will affected worst, Shops will be in demand.
One main important point is Real Estate will be a trusted destination for Small and medium Investors rather than Stock Market, Mutual Funds etc.
Bank Loans at reduced rate will increase the demand in Salaries segment.

Some Negative Points that may affect are lack of Man Power for Short time of Period. Increase of Costing due to extended Dead Lines. Shortage of Demand due to short term financial problem in some case may affect for short period.

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